The name Mightier comes from the saying ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ and embraces my experience of improving brands by raising the quality of their content — and the worth of the words and stories used throughout their marketing material. 



True, This! …
The pen is mightier than the sword.
 The arch-enchanters wand! — itself is nothing!
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless!

Edward Bulwer-Lytton



Here to help


Based in Porthleven, Cornwall and available to travel or connect via technology, I use my experience to help businesses using my writing, marketing, PR and social media knowledge and skills.

I’ll produce content to engage and promote your brand, manage your marketing projects and ultimately help you deliver a better experience to your customers.

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